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Past Research – Pullman

Turfgrass Agronomy and Research Center fields and buildings.

Turfgrass and Agronomy Research Center

A new turfgrass research facility in Pullman was completed in 2005. It includes a USGA experimental green, 15 turfgrass plots (80′ x 80′), an office/shop, and a storage building. Charles Golob, Research Supervisor, manages the research facility.

Research Facility Diagram (pdf)

Current Research Emphasis

Current emphasis is on comparison of different fungicides for snow mold disease control, evaluation of different grass species for the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP), evaluation of methiozolin (‘PoaCure’) for Poa annua control in cool-season grasses,  development of Kentucky bluegrass for seed production without post-harvest field burning, and Poa annua control in irrigated Kentucky bluegrass seed production.

In addition to these projects, information on older projects such as controlling leaf spot on golf course fairways, Poa annua seedhead suppression on bentgrass/annual bluegrass golf greens, quantifying post-harvest emissions from bluegrass seed production field burning, development of a rapid and non-destructive method for separating grass clipping from topdressing sand, correlation of field and controlled-environment studies of pink snow mold resistance of PNW greens-type Poa annua, regional climatic characterization of PNW greens-type Poa annua,  nitrogen leaching from a sand-based green, and the use of mesotrione (‘Tenacity’) for weed control in cool-season grasses can be found below.

Project Reports

(note these are pdf files)

Biological Control of Poa annua

Black Sand

Inclined Vibrating Deck for Separating Clippings from Sand

Fertility Projects

Kentucky Bluegrass Post-harvest Residue Emissions

Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Production

Leaf Spot Control on Golf Course Fairways

Mesotrione (Tenacity) Herbicide

Methiozolin (PoaCure) Herbicide

National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP)

N Leaching from Sand-based Green

PNW Greens-type Poa annua Collection

Poa annua Seedhead Suppression

Roundup Formulations

Snow Mold Control

Spokane Reuse Water Project

Oral Presentations

Biological Control of Poa annua

High Yielding No-burn Kentucky Bluegrass Germplasm

Mesotrione (Tenacity) Herbicide

Methiozolin (PoaCure) Herbicide

Snow Mold Control

Spokane Reuse Water Project

WSU Turfgrass Research Overview 2007

Poster Presentations

Field Day Reports

Group at Field Day

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