Turf Club


The Turfgrass Management Club at WSU is a student chapter of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America and serves to enhance the knowledge of turfgrass students while providing an opportunity for interaction amongst each other as well as with professionals within the industry. Fundraising for the club is achieved through golf tournaments and merchandise sales. Many professionals in the turfgrass industry participate in these tournaments. Education is primarily received from guest speakers in the industry. Although the Turf Club is mostly composed of turf management majors, anyone who is interested is encouraged to join and/or attend meetings.

Turf Club Officers:

President:  Sean Lanphere
Vice-President:  Michael Dietz
Secretary:  David Flint
Treasurer:  Colton Ness
Public Relations:  Ray McCormick
CAHNRS Representative:  Henny Hung

Turf Club Advisor

Dr. Johnston